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In today's competitive environment, change is constant and agility is imperative. Customers are looking at introducing new and unique ways of doing business and are continually transforming the organization. Every business is defined by its own unique characteristics. Assigncorp realizes this and constantly strives to create highly customized solutions with easy-to-use and even enjoyable user interfaces.

We provide time and cost-effective customized applications that help organizations address functional gaps and achieve business goals effectively

We help our customers address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing, and deploying applications tailored to meet their business requirements.

Starting from the initial requirement analysis and definition phase all the way to deployment, rollout and post deployment maintenance and support, Assigncorp provides the complete and effective solution our clients need to succeed.

Driving profitability while minimizing costs and risks, we ensure the success of our clients’ development projects by employing service-oriented architecture principles to facilitate rapid and sustainable value while setting their business up to realize its limitless potential.

Our custom application development team will create mission-specific applications to address your critical business needs. Whether your challenge is to create a web-based application, improve existing automated processes, more effectively manage business and financial functions, migrate legacy applications or design a system that provides you with a competitive advantage - we have the PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY to deliver an optimum solution. Our staff has deep and broad experience in Java, .Net, SharePoint, and Interwoven competencies to provide solutions to challenges ranging from designing systems, developing and integrating applications, enhancing existing applications with new features and functionality to web and portal development.

Our vast experience enables us to deliver tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business and its most critical systems.

Some of the applications we are currently building:

Grapple (Previously Cruun):

Assigncorp’s innovative collaborative task management system is designed not only to open company-wide communication channels, but also to help your business establish a simultaneously scalable and secure workspace – connecting people with the information they need, as well as with each other.

Every day, your business environment becomes increasingly complex. More and more, your employees, partners and even customers are forced to waste time wading through massive amounts of data to find the information they need.

Promising timely access to data, Grapple provides a centralized distribution point to facilitate effective decision making, promote productivity and provide a platform for translating more effective collaboration and communication into innovation and growth.

Member Outreach Messaging for Health Care:

The current form of communications outreach has several drawbacks in the form of manual handling, static nature of messages, lack of consolidation and lack of centralization. It becomes important to create a system that complies with regulatory requirements, provides effective care and cost saving, enables patient safety and satisfaction.

Assigncorp is currently building a system that supports various communication methods, outreach tracking and reporting. It will also provide seamless integration with Decision Support Engine to focus outreach efforts to achieve the highest benefits from these efforts and investment in providing effective patient care.

The new system leverages the cutting edge technologies for Decision Support, Centralized Communication Gateway and Tracking and provides competitive edge for the ACA (Affordable Care Act). It also meets the current Regulatory Requirements such as Direct Project protocol for clinical messaging.

MedGuide Solution:

Medication Guides are paper handouts provided to patients who have been prescribed certain medication. FDA currently has officially mandated the Medication Guides to be handed out with 382 products. FDA releases the updates frequently and with little or no notice.

Assigncorp MedGuide solution is designed to support different Pharmacy workflows and systems. It is periodically updated with all the new medication guides released by FDA.

The solution is built in THREE different working models:

  1. Web Manager which is a Web based solution, easy access, smart search and one click print.
  2. Barcode Scanner Solution that is a small Windows application installed on the pharmacy’s local computer that is connected to a barcode scanner and a printer. The Pharmacist scans the Rx label and medication guide (if there is one) is printed within seconds.
  3. Web Service Solution, Integrated with pharmacy systems which uses Web services to integrate with pharmacy systems and portals.

The solution we designed has several advantages such as ease of use for pharmacy staff, FDA compliant content, quick installation and zero to minimal training requirement. Additionally the solution is highly scalable and available for integration with other software services such as prescription filling systems or electronic medical records through a web services interface.

Learning Management System (LMS):

LMS allows any organization to develop electronic courseware, deliver it and manage it easily. Organizations are able to create and host trainings, dynamic surveys, & polls and distribute to users using various methods. The surveys/ courses can be distributed to an email list, via a website or through marketing campaigns and can be completed by the target audience anonymously or with identification. It keeps track of participants and responses and generates reports for administrators. The product is designed to support multilingual platforms. This system automates administrative tasks such as enrollment, notifications and certifications.


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